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Rodney Allen Rippy, Ricoh Anderson and more at Anna Wilding’s photography exhibit Celebrate Hope Obama Collection

Anna Wilding – Tennis, Wimbledon Grand Slam

Anna Wilding : I was just sent this article As we watch Wimbledon let us remember some of it’s history as we look forward. May 9, 1915: The day Anthony Wilding, the first tennis superstar, was killed in World War I and my forbear. I am now his closest is interesting-as my name grew…

Buddha Wild Directed by Anna Wilding -feature documentary film

Anna Wilding Buddha Wild was a great movie to make and I am still in touch with the community. It is a happy film about Loving Kindness but also has several other sub texts. I live in America. Recently there has been a lot of talk about racism in America and against Asians.This was the…

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