Anna Wilding : Exhibiting in Art Galleries and Obama exhibit

Anna wilding love visiting art galleries. I make a point of it every city I am in. I have a small art collection I am growing every year. Conversely it has been an honor to start having my bodies of work selected by galleries for exhibit. My feature films play in cinemas at times, and my music videos play on various platforms like VH1 , MTV but there is something special and unique about holding an art exhibit that personally I cherish.

Anna Wilding : Exhibiting in Art Galleries
Anna Wilding : Exhibiting in Art Galleries

I have been fortunate to show at three galleries as a solo exhibitor – month long shows and the Leica Gallery as part of group exhibits and now live auctions on platforms such as Makers Place and Super Rare. As we head into 2021 shows that were cancelled due to the pandemic are now back in talks for 2021 and 2022 including in Europe.I am even more fortunate and thankful that work has sold at each Gallery by amazing collectors located all over the world. In terms of the physical space some of the galleries I have shown in have been large contemporary multi million dollar galleries and art centers and others smaller and historic but pack no less of a punch. All are significant and well respected galleries .

Anna Wilding : Exhibiting in Art Galleries
Anna Wilding : Exhibiting in Art Galleries

My shows were packed and I enjoyed meeting and greeting guests at the openings and other occasions. My work of the Obama’s -Celebrate Hope -the Obama Collection – is a significant project that I took great care with and has taken years to build and make. I launched it in Black History Month in America in 2019. I am also excited to learn that the two beautiful portraits by artists Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald of President Obama and Mrs Michelle Obama have left the Smithsonian Portrait Gallery and are now on display at the Chicago Institute of Art. I will definately be viewing these two hand painted portraits as they tour around America.

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Published by Anna Wilding

Anna Wilding is a leading, internationally recognized award winning director, producer, actress, and exhibiting Obama photographer and artist. Ms Wilding has been cited for her cinematography" beautiful". Anna Wilding was a White House based photographer and correspondent during the Obama administration and tours in the USA and abroad the acclaimed Celebrate Hope Obama Collection exhibit. and started photographing professionally as a teenager. Ms Wilding was first published and had her own studio by the age of 19. Ms Wilding's work is collected throughout the world and her work has screened in movies, television and magazines and newspapers

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