Anna Wilding Charitable Giving Non Profits

Anna Wilding Charitable giving most of the work I do has an altruistic bent. Years ago, in 2009 I founded a registered non profit- the Wilding Foundation. I closed it around 2018 as I was unable to spend the time in overseas to focus on it.As a registered charity its overall unique official charter -as written in 2009, was to provide opportunity to those of exceptional talents whose dreams, hopes and talents could otherwise not be realized due to economics, geographic location or other such factors. It intended to raise the well being of, and empower the individual and create equal opportunity and to give people faith, hope and opportunity to individuals of all backgrounds to succeed regardless of circumstance. The dream of this charity was personal to me for many reasons.

Anna Wilding Charitable Giving

Many years ago, I was that kid on the tennis court, taking that swing, making those shots and I was unable to take it any further. I was invited to train in Florida with the king of tennis training Bolitteri, but our family, literally, could not afford it. Meanwhile, I watched girls I could beat, and did so, in tournaments, be afforded themselves the opportunity to go to Florida. It touched me. Our earth, our world is a beautiful place. It is filled with wonder. I am touched every time I watch the better sides of humanity in action.As a kid I grew up in a remote country. I know first hand what it’s like to be talented and have to face struggles as one isn’t surrounded by the expertise required and/or financial wherewithal to fully reach or experience one’s true potential. I founded the charity in the hope it eased the path for others and some of the journey I have been on.

Anna Wilding Charitable Giving

Through the charity I was able to give to several individual, including Commonwealth athlete- gymnast Charlotte Sullivan. When earthquakes decimated the town I was born in Christchurch New Zealand I was able to kick in the emergency charter and raise money and give it all to those deserving. Families that had lost power ,exlectrices, houses, clothing. I partnered with other organizations to identify and to reach those in need.

Anna Wilding Charitable Giving

I dropped my NFT Mesmerize on Makers Place in June 2021, with photos from my Celebrate Hope Obama Collection that toured in multiple art galleries with more shows to come. I thought long and hard and researched to which organizations I would give a portion of proceeds to. I kept coming back to the the Girls Opportunity Alliance and My Brothers Keeper. Both initiatives run by the Obama’s through the Obama Foundation. I know My Brothers Keeper reaches deep into the heart of communities in Americas a.I know and have witnessed first hand the hard work Ms Obama has put into girls education in America and throughout the world .

Anna Wilding Charitable Giving

I hope you all enjoy Mesmerize on it’s journey and continue joining with me to make the world a better place

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Anna Wilding is a leading, internationally recognized award winning director, producer, actress, and exhibiting Obama photographer and artist. Ms Wilding has been cited for her cinematography" beautiful". Anna Wilding was a White House based photographer and correspondent during the Obama administration and tours in the USA and abroad the acclaimed Celebrate Hope Obama Collection exhibit. and started photographing professionally as a teenager. Ms Wilding was first published and had her own studio by the age of 19. Ms Wilding's work is collected throughout the world and her work has screened in movies, television and magazines and newspapers

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