Anna Wilding : No I Did Not Plan To Sue The Obama’s Publishers

Anna Wilding The thing with tabloids and other sites they engage in not telling the truth to drive engagement. A great shame as great, real stories do not get out. So here are some fast facts that correct a tabloid headline. As both one of the top magazines in Europe and American Slate magazine so rightly noted, I did not threaten to sue the Obamas publishers over Obama’s book cover. Nor did I ever say I would, nor was I even thinking about it. The fact I put out an instagram post pointing out the likeness of both photographs, does not mean I planned to sue. Why on earth would I do that ?Those words never uttered my lips. Makes no sense. Please readers excuse fake click bait headlines, tabloid hacks and self published non credible gossip blogs . I cannot be responsible for what they make up to generate clicks. I will take this time though to correct it below though.

photos: Raymond Dunn : Rodney Allen Rippy , Ricoh Anderson at Anna Wilding’s exhibition Celebrate Hope

Quite conversely, I had some very pleasant direct phone and letter exchanges with Penguin Publishing ,experts in their field, over the matter of Obama’s book cover, who had this to say:

“Your photograph, “When An Invitation Wasn’t A Question”, is a beautiful and remarkable photo. What makes it so compelling is the scope of the image beyond that of just President Obama in a familiar pose of modesty and bemusement (the President smiling, head bent, eyes downcast), that portrays the reactions of almost a dozen young men (members of the Denver Broncos football team, visiting the White House to honor their Super Bowl victory in 2016) gathered around the President, energized and captivated by his presence and remarks. It is a stunning photograph.”

and Slate had this to say in a very humorous review and fresh take I thought

“…..mostly because her picture was much better than the cover photo, and it’s a shame anyone would think they look alike. In Anna Wilding’s photo, Obama’s smile seems natural and friendly; his eyes are crinkled in what looks like sincere, thoughtful amusement. The portrait on the front of A Promised Land, by contrast, registers as some carefully calculated midpoint between the impression of warmth and the impression of gravitas.”

Now there is far more depth to “When an Invitation Wasn’t a Question”. I called the photograph that to remind viewers of the time when one received an invitation to the White House ,one would go, without question. It was an honor. During the Trump administration invitee’s literally thought twice about going.

Raymond Dunn photos: Allison Arngrim , Anson Williams at Anna Wilding’s exhibition Celebrate Hope

Hope that clears this up regarding Penguin Publishing . In fact I have never been sued nor sued anyone.I am not ,by nature , litigious. To learn more read the Georgian Journal. A quote from that article here ” I have also shown in major exhibits with some legendary photographers such as Pulitzer Prize-winner Nick Ut and Douglas Kirkland. (laughing) But seriously, on this matter, I have had a lot of support. One or two trollers on the internet tried to attack me. All I can say to that is they don’t know the histology of photography well they didn’t give up what they were doing and take the care to serve the country and be at the White House, and they certainly didn’t bother or care to do an exhibit of the first black American President – I did. Look I have a friend who shot some well-known shots of the Kennedy’s at the White House and this has happened to him in the past – ad agencies, publishers, and others trying to replicate his shots and he had to go and get recompense too. He solved the instances without lawsuits. I hope and intend to as well. It happens and it’s time for us all to ensure it stops happening. Our work has value and if Penguin and the parties involved do not honor the prior work – in a way it devalues the work of many professional and iconic photographers. We deserve our livelihood. It also devalues me as a woman and is yet another female oversight as yet again a man was hired, instead of a woman and a woman who did the defining work and stunning work in the first place.”

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Published by Anna Wilding

Anna Wilding is a leading, internationally recognized award winning director, producer, actress, and exhibiting Obama photographer and artist. Ms Wilding has been cited for her cinematography" beautiful". Anna Wilding was a White House based photographer and correspondent during the Obama administration and tours in the USA and abroad the acclaimed Celebrate Hope Obama Collection exhibit. and started photographing professionally as a teenager. Ms Wilding was first published and had her own studio by the age of 19. Ms Wilding's work is collected throughout the world and her work has screened in movies, television and magazines and newspapers

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