Buddha Wild Directed by Anna Wilding -feature documentary film

Anna Wilding Buddha Wild was a great movie to make and I am still in touch with the community. It is a happy film about Loving Kindness but also has several other sub texts. I live in America. Recently there has been a lot of talk about racism in America and against Asians.This was the subtext of my Buddha Wild film ten years or so ago. I was compelled to make it due to an instance of racism I witnessed overseas in New Zealand. Buddha Wild did well in cinemas and sold out through Warner Bros on DVD. It went to #1 in its feature documentary category . In a way it was ahead of it’s time. I was called the female “Morgan Spurlock” as it did well in cinemas and we both are not without humor.. It also marked only the 100th time a female director had a film screen in cinemas for more than 7 days. Yes there are research universities that track these sorts of things. I remember Hollywood Reporter did these great ads for it”In Consideration For” – I still have the copies- as it was a front runner for the Oscars one year..but sadly my late Mum announced she had terminal breast cancer at the same time -and that was important -so I never pursued it. Plus there were tow other factors as well..which take up too much time to drill down on..nonetheless it was a popular film , looked and sounded great on the big screen it was made for. I loved the fact it made such a positive difference to people’s lives

There may be an online version on Amazon but it is not first generation so the quality is not at Cinema or DVD standard it was initially made. In addition to cinema Buddha Wild film also sold to educational institutions ,libraries and museums around the world “Buddha Wild directed and produced by Anna Wilding provides viewers with a well-judged glimpse into the monastery world of the Buddhist Monk and the real world of those who follow the precepts and principals of Buddhism. The documentary centers on the life of the Buddhist monks. They are a kind lot of warm hearted and enlightened men who are eager to share their religious doctrines of faith. Buddha Wild is a journey of discovery. The monks are honest in the telling of their lives, hopes, and disappointments. They speak freely about their lives, limitedly about the absence of physical closeness and sexual activity, and in depth about the world challenges faced by a Buddhist. The monks were clearly enamored by Ms. Wilding and their generosity of information from taboo subjects exhibits this fact. It appears that being a monk is not so much a calling as a culture. There is a break from the seriousness of the narration with the invitation by one of the Monk’s to visit his hut – hence the title “The Monk in a Hut.” (60 min.)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayodV-6H2NY

Published by Anna Wilding

Anna Wilding is a leading, internationally recognized award winning director, producer, actress, and exhibiting Obama photographer and artist. Ms Wilding has been cited for her cinematography" beautiful". Anna Wilding was a White House based photographer and correspondent during the Obama administration and tours in the USA and abroad the acclaimed Celebrate Hope Obama Collection exhibit. and started photographing professionally as a teenager. Ms Wilding was first published and had her own studio by the age of 19. Ms Wilding's work is collected throughout the world and her work has screened in movies, television and magazines and newspapers

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