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  • Anna Wilding Okay this subject matter is a bit off the beaten track for me, but it is what I do in my day to day life. I do get asked this. In the film business I was working 12-18 hour days and at one point did 72 hours straight. I will never forget that. I was Art Director and Set Decorator and my business partner and colleague Production Designer was Jack C . We had some  ridiculous hurdles to cross including absurd time frames for set designs and builds. We met all of them of course ,with little to no sleep for 10 days, as that is just what one did in those days. Exhausting . All sorts of things come up in production. On another film we were filming on set in Los Angeles but the rest of the movie had shot in Asia. The movie used Asian coconuts which could not be sourced in Los Angeles. At 2am as we frantically tried to build a replica coconut, as it was an important scene . Funny but true.The coconut was critical. (I agree there are far more important critical circumstances in life..but not when you are on a film, apparently still true even now) We actually seriously debated finding a commercial or charter flight to Hawaii to go and pick one up in Hawaii and return within 18 hours. Obviously this was 20 years ago before FedEx and UPS have the kind of networks they have now. But yes all sorts of adventures. So what is important getting through  days like this. Your health and fitness. Food as fuel.To keep going whether you are in medicine,  photography, film, whatever it may be – it is important to pay attention to what you eat. Everyone has different tastes and body needs. Don’t try to fight that, you know what you need but just be aware. Also be aware of what you want versus what you need as fuel. I never add salt to my food, but love peppers. I love chocolate so have to really watch that.
  • Here are some tips:
  • Chocolate- great for energy – choose dark chocolate over milk chocolate
  • Moderate or don’t add salt to your food, it probably has it anyway.
  • Drink electrolytes if in hot climates . Salt tablets from REI can be good and only $2.49
  • Reduce intake of harmful fats. Check the labels
  • Be active even when not working. Try and walk a  mile to two at least per day.
  • Eat salads where possible and reduce starches and carbohydrates.

​These are just general suggestions to maintain a healthy diet and energy levels. I don’t eat red meat but make sure to eat fish or chicken  at least once or twice a week​

Thanks Anna Wilding

Published by Anna Wilding

Anna Wilding is a leading, internationally recognized award winning director, producer, actress, and exhibiting Obama photographer and artist. Ms Wilding has been cited for her cinematography" beautiful". Anna Wilding was a White House based photographer and correspondent during the Obama administration and tours in the USA and abroad the acclaimed Celebrate Hope Obama Collection exhibit. and started photographing professionally as a teenager. Ms Wilding was first published and had her own studio by the age of 19. Ms Wilding's work is collected throughout the world and her work has screened in movies, television and magazines and newspapers

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